Disinfecting & Sanitizing Services in Billings & Lockwood, MT

Make Sure Your Surfaces Are Safe

Get disinfecting and sanitizing services in Billings & Lockwood, MT

Your workplace, you might be surprised at how many different hands touch common surfaces every day. The best way to make sure your surfaces are safe from harmful microorganisms is by schedule sanitizing services from New World Enterprises Inc, based in Billings & Lockwood, MT. Our sanitizing and disinfecting services will cover all major hard surfaces, such as:

Telephones and equipment controls
Vending machines
Countertops and cabinets
Handrails, doorknobs and handles
Light switches
Window sills
Sinks and faucets

You'll rest easier knowing your space is better protected from viruses and bacteria that can cause illnesses. Clean up your office by scheduling disinfecting and sanitizing services today.

Help stop the spread of COVID-19

Help stop the spread of COVID-19

Sanitizing and disinfecting services are more important than ever under the threat of a global pandemic. Not every cleaning product can properly kill the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, so ordinary cleaning services won't keep your property safe.

Fortunately, our disinfecting services use chemicals that are approved by the CDC and EPA for use against COVID-19. We use neutral solutions that are safe for people, so you don't have to shut your building down to keep it clean.

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